Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1 Year Old

My 1 Year Old Baby Girl before church the day after her birthday.

This post is a little late, but better late than never, right?
Saturday was my little bug's First Birthday. Wow, what a year. I can't believe it's been a year already. We had her party while we were home for Thanksgiving.
Here is her picture with her cake.

Grandma (my mom) said that she is the cleanest birthday girl she'd ever seen. :) She didn't get it all over her and she didn't really eat any. Guess that's not a bad thing. :)

There were a lot of people there to celebrate her first birthday with her. We were excited to see everyone. There was one important person who was unable to celebrate with her and that was her daddy. He was upstairs sick. :( It was very sad. He hated to miss her celebration. However, we were very glad that he was upstairs not sharing his germs with everyone.

When we left for SC, Kayden was unable to walk. She was crawling all over the place, would stand unassisted for a few seconds, and then would sit down and crawl. She would walk for a little while holding our fingers. The first night we were in SC, Aunt Emily started encouraging her to walk on her own. She took a few lounging steps, but nothing more than that. However, by Sunday, she was walking way more. She still preferred to crawl, but she was starting to walk more and more. Now, she is walking all over the place. Yes, things are very different in the Elliott household.

So, what has this milestone brought to us?
  • Kayden is no longer drinking formula. :) She took to milk like a champ! I don't care for milk, so I was a little afraid she wasn't going to like it either, but she didn't act like she knew any different the first time she had it. more cans of formula!
  • She loves water. She drinks at least 3 sippy cups/bottles of water every day. I'm so proud of her!
  • She says "Baby", "bye-bye", "Ma-ma", "Da-da", "uh-oh"
  • She is learning sign language. She signs "more", "eat", "milk", "bye-bye", "duck", "all done."
  • She sleeps through the night. She has been doing this since 6 weeks old (off and on).
  • She loves her friends at church. She doesn't mind one bit when I drop her off in the nursery.
  • She has learned to turn the TV off by pressing the button. She also loves the remote. She has turned the TV up so our down the street neighbor can hear it. She has also recorded a show and changed the channel (luckily what she recorded was cartoons and she turned the TV to the history channel).
  • She doesn't like shoes or socks (at least on her feet). She enjoys taking her shoes off, then her socks and chewing on her socks.
  • She loves giving kisses. She is now doing them on her own without being prompted. She loves to crawl up in our laps and snuggle. That's the sweetest part.
  • She DOES NOT like wearing hats. Every time I put a hat on her, she takes it right off. She also doesn't like for me to wear a hat. She takes it off my head too. :)
  • After turning 1 year old, she now gets to sit facing forward in her car seat and see where she is going. This didn't seem to effect her one way or the other...but it is a right of passage.
Now, enjoy watching our baby girl grow up over the past year.

Kayden in the hospital after being born.

1 Month Old...She loves smiling

2 Months Old--She LOVED her excersaucer

3 Months Old--Sportin' the Clemson attire

4 Months Old--1 Easter. She was excited about her Easter Basket! :)

5 Months--First Mother's Day--Parent/Child Dedication at Open Door Baptist. The dress she is wearing is from Uncle E's mom (my best friend's mother-in-law). She found the dress at an antique shop and said that it reminded her of my wedding dress. I felt this was the most special time she could wear it.

6 Months--Met Cousin AG for the first time

7 Months--Daddy was at Fort Jackson, so she was really excited about being reunited with him for the weekend.

8 Months--1st Trip to the Beach (Myrtle Beach vacation with Auntie Alli & Uncle E)

9 Months--This is the only picture I have of her with a hat. I LOVE this picture. She's my little diva. If you can't tell already, she loves the camera...and the camera loves her. :)

10 Months--1 Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

11 Months--Helped Daddy put her ornament on the tree


Nena said...

I can't believe the year has past so quickly either. I love her smile and her many facial expressions. I can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning. I love you K-Bug. Happy Birthday!!!

Alli and Erik said...

I love this post! A year in the making...miss you and love you! will have a present at your momma's house for you when you get "home"

Kayte said...

Awww...I LOVE presents. I miss you and love you too! Kbug misses her Aunt Alli. Do yall have a webcam? If not, you need to get one so we can have a skype "date" sometime soon. :)