Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1 Year

Last Wednesday was my 1 year anniversary at work. My administrator gave me my certificate and my evaluation today. It was really neat to reflect on the last year with her. I have done a lot of stuff at work over the past year. I have worked on a few committees and I have helped to impliment a few things into the office. When I started, our office was struggling because staff longevity was an issue. However, all of our core team has been there for at least a year. It's awesome. I was talking to my mom on the way home tonight and was telling her about my evaluation (which was good, by the way). I realized that my job has been the only constant in my life over the past year. I have moved from 1 apartment to another. I have married an amazing man. My body has been invaded by another little person who will soon join our family. The only thing that has remained constant is my job. On the other hand, this is the first job that I have ever stayed at for more than a year. It is quite the accomplishment and I'm loving being there. I love my job and the staff I work with. I love my patients and the work I get to do with them. It's awesome. I just wanted to share with you guys about my 1 year anniversary. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fireproof (Part 2)

This morning, as mentioned in my last blog post, Kevin and I had the amazing opportunity to attend the pre-showing of the movie Fireproof. This is a movie that was made by the same people who did Facing the Giants a few years ago.

Before I give a synopsis of what the movie is about, I want to share a few things that we found out this morning that without doing some research you probably would never know.

1. Kirk Cameron really wanted to do this movie, but had to "jump through some hoops" in order to do it. He is a member of some actors' unions who did not want him to be involved in an independent film. But because he felt so strongly about the message of the movie, he went through the pains of working it out to be able to be in the movie.

2. This movie will be released on September 26th. Opening weekend is VERY important and it is important for everyone to go to this movie opening weekend. We were told this morning that several blockbuster movies will be released the following weekend and many movie theaters have said that they will not show Fireproof more than 1 week. However, if they have an awesome opening weekend, then they will probably hold it at least 2 weeks if not more. So, take everyone you know to see this movie opening weekend.

OK...here's my synopsis of the movie. First, girls...take LOTS of tissues. There are several really funny parts in the movie where the whole theater will be laughing, but I don't think there was a single woman who came out of the theater with dry eyes.

If you know nothing about this movie, it is about a Fire fighter named Caleb (played by Kirk Cameron) who is married to a woman named Katherine. Katherine works at a hospital as a Public Relations Rep and also helps to take care of her mother who had a stroke a year before. Caleb is seen as a hero to everyone except his wife. He saves lives every day, but can he save his marriage?
Katherine and Caleb have a less than desirable marriage and after a fight, Katherine announces that she wants out of the marriage.
Caleb talks to his dad and his dad challenges him to hold off on the divorce for 40 days and take a "Love Dare." He asks him to take it one day at a time but to complete the 40 days of the Love Dare and see what happens at the end.
About halfway through the "Love Dare" Caleb is about ready to give up. However, his dad shares the Gospel with him and Caleb finds love for the first time...but not from his wife.

I won't spoil anymore of the movie for you. However, it is important to take your friends to see this movie. Particularly friends who are not believers or those who are struggling in their own marriages. If necessary, pay for them to go see it (yes, it's that important). Also, my stepdad had a great idea of offering to baby sit for those with young children so they can go see it. (Again, it is THAT important). This is not really a movie sutible for children. There's nothing in it that is questionable, but it's about marriage and children are not going to understand it. There is also a website that offers resources for churches or for couples for study together. www.fireproofmymarriage.com. I went on that website and there is a lot of information on it.

Enjoy the movie when you go see it. I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fireproof (part 1)

I love them...Weekends. However, I've noticed that the weekends are coming around faster and faster. I LOVE it. But with the weekends coming around faster that means that the weeks are going by faster. I cannot believe that Kayden is due 12 weeks from TODAY! That is crazy.

This weekend Kevin has to do some suicide prevention briefings and will not be home most of Saturday or Sunday. Before he leaves Saturday, however, we are going to go to the movies. Yes, Saturday morning at 10 am we have a movie date. We are getting to see the new movie Fireproof at a sneak preview showing. His Radio (which is a Christian radio station that broadcasts out of Greenville, SC) rented out a whole theater and gave away tickets to see this movie. 2 weeks ago I was on my way to work on Tuesday morning and they asked for caller 5. I knew there was NO WAY I was going to be caller 5, but I tried anyway. On the first try I did not hear a busy signal, but the lady on the other end (before it rang, by the way) saying "Who's this?" I was shocked and excited at the same time! If you haven't heard of the movie, go to the link and watch the trailer. It's by the same people who did the movie Facing the Giants a few years ago. Check back here on Saturday night for a movie review. I'll let you know how it is. But from everything I've heard, every couple should go and see it.

When Kevin leaves for his suicide prevention briefings, I'm going to finish cleaning Kayden's room and get ready for her arrival. We are having some showers soon and I need to get her room ready for all her loot. :) We're really blessed with people who love us and want to shower her before she even gets here.

Hope you all have a super weekend too. What are your plans?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Yes, you read correctly. We were driving down the road over the weekend and saw our pharmacy advertising this on their marquee sign. We thought someone had hacked the system or were playing around. We thought for sure by Monday that would be gone. However, today we had to go to the pharmacy and we again saw the advertisement. Well, being the boy that he is...Kevin asked the pharmacy techs what Anti Monkey Butt Powder is. They laughed and said that people have been coming in and calling all week asking about it. They took us to the register counter and showed us this bottle of talcum powder. It is HILARIOUS and we continue to laugh about it. I had to share it with you guys. Enjoy your laugh. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Fun--A Little Late I know

Last weekend we went to South Carolina to visit our families for Labor Day Weekend. We had a blast...even though Clemson lost (or rather didn't show up to play). While Kevin was watching the "game" with my family, my mom and I painted letters that Kevin cut out for our little girl's room. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

The sweet hand prints in the first picture are my nephew's. He was making a picture to frame and put in Cousin Kayden's room.

On Sunday we had a lot of adventures. We went to church with my mom and step dad. That was good. 10th Avenue North was there (Kevin, aren't you proud I remembered their names without having to ask?). We had hoped to go to their free concert that night, but we ran out of time. After church we went to dinner with my brother and sister-in-law at Applebees. There are some pictures below...most of them are good, but my stepdad decided to get silly.

After Applebees, we went to my aunt's house to meet my cousin's baby. My cousin and his family live in Mississippi so we don't get to see them very often. Kiernan was born on Father's Day. He is such a good baby. He let everyone hold him and didn't cry at all. Enjoy the pictures of him.