Thursday, February 26, 2009

12 Weeks

Tomorrow, my little bug will be 12 weeks old. I have had a blast at home with her and am grieving the time that I will be away from her. Monday is going to be hard and I would appreciate the prayers of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Here are some of the things that I have learned over the past 12 weeks:

1. My daughter is a precious gift from the Lord.

2. I get frustrated and overwhelmed when things are out of order in my apartment.

3. I am terribly unorganized (hense the frustration and overwhelmed feelings)

4. I am not very disciplined, but I'm working on that.

5. The next 3 months are going to be hard, but well worth it.

I have a huge goal to get my Mary Kay business built up over the next 3-4 months so that I can stay at home with my little bug from now on. If you think of me over the next few months, please do 2 things: 1) Pray, Pray, Pray! Pray for my emotions and for my discipline. Pray that I will keep my stamina and my focus. 2) If you know anyone who would like to be pampered with a facial and possibly earn free products, send them my way (preferably give me their names). You can help me build my business. :)

Some of the things that Kbug is doing now are:

1) Smiling--A LOT! She loves to smile. She smiles when something funny is on TV. She smiles at her toys. My favorite smile is when I go in to get her in the morning and she realizes I'm there. She looks at me with this big toothless grin.

2) She loves to dance. She likes it when we move her to music. She also kicks and moves her arms when she hears music.

3) She is trying her best to sit up. She will pick her neck up (almost her shoulders too) and lifts her legs trying to strengthen her abs.

4) She loves to stand up on our laps. She will lock her legs so that she stands up.

5) She loves to be read to. I try to read her a book every day and Kevin reads a story from her Toddler Bible to her every night. We are reading through the Bible with her. It's precious.

6) She loves talking. She will sit and talk to me for hours. She has new sounds all the time, but right now she loves to squeel.

7) She loves her "binky bear." This is a Pooh Bear that's holding a small blanket. She's been snuggling with this in her car seat and sometimes her swing since she was about 3 weeks old. She sees it when we're putting her in her car seat and starts to smile and swing her arms. Then she grabs the bear and hugs it. She's so cute with it!