Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Sickness

Well, it was bound to happen and I guess we're blessed that we made it almost 11 months before it happened. She's had 2 ear infections since she was born, but neither of these slowed her down. Last night, our little bug started running 103.6 temperature. We got very little sleep last night and other than the fever there don't seem to be any other outward symptoms. Her fever went down last night before going to bed. When she woke up this morning her fever was 99.6. However, throughout the day it has risen to now 102.5. I called the doctor and we have an appointment at 4:10. She looks pitiful. Usually I have to listen to her cry to put her down for a nap. A few mintues ago I placed her in the pack and play and she went right to sleep. She's been whining for the past 24 hours. We're praying that it's nothing serious, but I will update after the doctor.

**Update: After swabbing for the flu test (which is HORRIBLE btw), it's been determined that she does not have the flu. The doctor pricked her finger and did a blood count check to determine if she has a bacterial infection or a viral infection...the test gave no definative answers so we are going in for a follow-up tomorrow. Hopefully we'll all get some rest tonight and she'll be back to her normal self tomorrow. Bless her heart she is just pitiful.


Nena said...

I'm so glad K-bug is better. I can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

"The Edge" said...

Said a prayer for K-bug. Hope she gets to feeling better tomorrow.....

Kayte said...

Thanks Erik. She's much better now.

Thank, Mama! We can't wait to see you either!

Beautiful Daughters said...

Just wanted to say Congrats on winning the new blog design!!
Hope your little one feels better soon.
Blessings to you

travisandstephanie said...

Yes, that was the Santa in WF. He was in the parking lot. Sam hasn't met anyone that he wouldn't go to, talk to, flirt with, etc. until Santa. I hope Kayden has a different reaction.